Situated at a half-hour flight from Mauritius, it is very different from her sister island on various aspects : geographical, physical, social, economic… Being a French island, Reunion is subject to French legislations and benefits from european standards.

The advantages of shooting in Reunion :

- 25% subsidy on local expenses (€ 150 000 for feature film or more                        depending on the project)

- Professional executive production services provided

- Experienced and qualified technicians (from France)

- The infrastructure is levelled with European standards

  1. -Shooting materials are available, like dolly, crane, lighting and sound materials…

Executive Production

JET Films provides professional Executive Production for foreign crews : flight reservation, hotel accomodation, best tariffs negociation for all local services, location hunting and counselling, shooting authorisations, logistic support, local office for preparation of shooting, secretarial services, telephone, fax, walkie-talkies, e-mail services, casting, professional technicians, artists and extras, set designer, make up artists, caterers, helpers available. Services can be tailored to your needs and requirements. We help you with the Customs Formalities.


From India : by transitting via Mauritius. There are up to 10 flights everyday between Mauritius and Reunion Island.

From Paris there are around 3 to 5 flights everyday.

Hotel Accommodation

There is a wide range of Hôtels in Reunion, from the luxury 5 star to the cosy «chambre d’hôte». The rates vary according to the category of the hotel.


The traditional food is rice, curry and grains accompanied with chilli paste or chutneys. Other cuisines like Italian, French, Chinese available everywhere.

Caterers specialised in shooting requirements available.


Locations in Reunion Island are very rich, varying from white or black sand beaches, waterfalls, large expanse green forests, to mountains and deep gorges. Indian Temples, classic catholic churches and wonderful colonial houses with a typical architecture are available for shooting at very low rates.

The Volcano of Reunion  : Piton de la Fournaise

The active volcano, La Fournaise and its vicinity provide breathtaking Mars-like landscape. It is worth highlighting here that La Fournaise is the most closely studied volcano and there are areas where shooting, siteseeing is compltely free of danger. 


Tropical weather , sunny almost whole year, with two seasons

¬Summer : from November to April : 25- 30°C 

¬ Winter : May to October : 20°- 27°C on the  coasts

The temperature is lower on the high grounds, in the circuses and mountain peaks, going below 10°C in certain regions of Reunion.

Though it is possible to shoot in Reunion all year round in very good conditions.

Subsidies and Tax Rebate

The subsidy provided by Reunion local Authorities amounts up to 30% (€150 000 per feature film or more, negotiable depending on the project) of the total local expenses – which may include renting of materials, employing local techinicians and artists, logistics, hotel accommodation, airfare of the crew etc. See the ADCAM web site for info.

When shooting in Reunion Island you can claim for the Tax Rebate (TRIP) up to 1 million € according to certain conditions. See the CNC web site for info.

JET Films takes care of all the request for autorisation and application for subsidy thus sparing the Producer of administrative hassles.

Film-makers must allow a reasonable delay for processing the request and shooting preparations before scheduling shooting which can be around 2-3 months.


Geographical position : South Indian Ocean, 30 min. flight from Mauritius

Size : 2 512 Km2

Population type : multi-ethnic from France, India, Africa and China.

Language spoken : French and creole.

Currency : Euro

Climate : Tropical-warm

Located on the Tropic of the Capricorn, Reunion Island is an overseas French department.  Its  peaks, circuses and bulwarks were inscribed to the World Heritage of the UNESCO in 2010. The vertical cliffs have astounding peaks, precipices and breathtaking landscapes. Volcano worthy of the chisel of an insane artist. Primary forests where reigns the atmosphere of the Lord of Rings. Beaches of immaculate white sand or mysterious black sand. Reunion Island is the place of all miracles.