Shooting in France and in Paris

Shooting in Paris, is above all, being part of the history of world cinema. France is endowed with a network of Film Commissions in order to facilitate your search, and will shoulder you in the steps to take while organising your shoot. You can enquire at Film France (the National Film Commission).

Paris, where  cinema  was born,  has always been  a shooting-friendly  city. The  Town Hall of Paris is endowed with an extremely  favorable  policy  regarding shootings on its territory. You can enquire at the Mairie de Paris

Line Production

JET Films will skillfully guide you in your choice of locations and requirements  to provide you with exactly you are looking for. We are here to assist you in optimising your means and in materialising your dreams at the same time avoiding unnecessary  expenses.

JET Films provides a production team having a strong experience in feature films.

We give professional and complete Line Production services, tailor-cut to suit your budget. We take care of the recce, hotel booking, hiring technical and production vehicles, hiring technicians, hiring materials and equipment, seeking shooting authorisations… we  cater for all your shooting needs, however  specific. 

Enthrust us your project, with all your needs and requirements and sufficient time, we take care of everything. You can sit back and relax till you arrive and start shooting without  anything to worry about.


The range of hotels in Paris goes from luxurious Palace Hotels to smaller ones corresponding to smaller budget. We are used to working with both categories and are sure to find hotels for your crews for reasonable rates.


We work with professional caterers specialised in shooting and offering a  large variety of meals, French, but also Italian, Indian, chinese… For Indian crews, we have special Indian caterers providing meals according to their taste –  veg, non-veg,  South or  North Indian…


The locations in Paris whose monuments are some of the most visited in the world, need no introduction. However,  outside Paris there exist a multitude of absolutely fantastic locations where you can be sure to find what you are looking for and much more. We are at your service to carry out with you, a location scouting specific to your project.


You can find all the technicians you require in France, most particularly in Paris.


Whatever the period of the year, you can shoot in France and in Paris.

Subsidies and Tax Rebates

There are a great number of subsidies available in different Regions, Departements or Towns for the shootings. The amount vary from one Region to the other. You will have all info with Film France.

You maiy also claim for a Tax Rebate. Info with the CNC.

Paris, dream city, has always fascinated the movie directors of the whole world. Its monuments known all over the world make a fantastic shooting «decor». The lights city will receive you with the ambition to make your shooting be a real success.