Mauritius benefits from a very cool weather all year round. Its white sandy beaches, its sugar cane fields, its mountains with friendly curves offer a wide variety of locations. Its welcoming population will make you feel at home.

Advantages of shooting in Mauritius

- Mauritius has a long dated history with shootings. She regularly hosts Bollywood film shootings.

- Our line production services will allow you to benefit the maximum from the different locations of the island .

- Some of the best hôtels in the World

  1. -Modern infrastructures

  2. -A tradition of welcoming and hospitality that will make your stay memorable

Line Production

JET Films (speclially Tina) has several years experience in shooting in Mauritius. With our fine knowledge of Mauritian way and the local authorities we will anticipate and solve any problems that might arise.  We will take care of the logistics of your shootings : hotel bookings, flight reservation, car and technicals vehicals hiring at the best rates. We will take care of your location scoutings, seeking authorisations...


Mauritius is connected to the main cities in the world.

There are different direct flights from Mauritius to the main cities in India.


5 star hotels in Mauritius are the best in the world. Besides we can arrange with some hotels specialised in receiving Indian Crews.


Mauritian cuisine is inspired from Indian food, but with european, african and chinese touch. Indian crews will feel at home.


There is a wide variety of locations in Mauritius. You will find whatever you want and you dream : beaches, mountains, modern cities and colonial architercture...


Tropical climate sunny through out the year with two main seasons :

¬Summer from November to April : 25- 30°C 

¬Winter from May to October : 20°- 27°C

Geographical position : South Indian Ocean on the Tropic of the Capricorn

Size : 1 865 Km2

Population type : multi-ethnic mainly from India, but also from France, Africa and China.

Language spoken :

French, English, bojpury and creole.

Currency : Mauritian Rupee

Climate : Tropical-warm

Worldwide knowned to be a dream destination, Mauritius offers on a small territory, some of the world’s most beautiful beaches with a splendid country and an extremely welcoming population.